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"Fast-paced with a remarkable storyline that encourages us to follow our heart and destiny. It is a must read book,"
The Sunday Guardian, India.


The second book in the internationally acclaimed The Sacred Quest Trilogy is now free for a limited time- you just need to tell me where to send it

The cryptic secrets of a strange language and trail of clues left by the Magus across time deepens as the Magus, still shrouded in mystery, continues to haunt Louise’s sleeping and waking hours in his relentless pursuit for her to call him back to life: back to her. As the sinister events of their true identity and traumatic parting begin to unravel, the Magus reveals seven principles of alchemy to shatter her understanding of reality, unveiling a far deeper and magikal reality than she had ever previously suspected to exist.

Yet with it, a great terror. The thrilling quest for the mysterious truth of their alchemy and pre destined reunion intensifies while the deadly darkness that once separated crosses dimensions of time to thwart her once more. What will she and the Magus unleash if they succeed in reuniting to complete what they once began?

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"A breakthrough book,"
The Sydney Herald